Official Certified Translations at Sira Academy!

July 30, 2020/in Translations /by Sira Academy

Official Certified Translations at Sira Academy

-English language

-German language

-French language

-Turkish language

-BUSINESS PLANS -as well as all kinds of official documents

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Do you have documents to translate?

Send your documents on viber or email and wait for the beautiful translation with dedication.

We send them to your home or you can pick them up at our office in Dardani – Pristina.


Albanian Translations ↔ English
Albanian Translations ↔ German
Albanian Translations↔ French
Albanian Translations↔ Italian
Albanian Translations↔ Dutch
Albanian Translations↔ Flemish
Albanian Translations↔ Spanish
Albanian Translations ↔ Portuguese
Albanian Translations ↔ Czech
Albanian Translations ↔ Polish
Albanian Translations ↔  Russian
Albanian Translations ↔ Swedish
Albanian Translations ↔ Norwegian
Albanian Translations↔ Turkish
Albanian Translations↔ FINNISH
Albanian Translations ↔ Romanian
Albanian Translations ↔Magyar
 Albanian Translations↔ FINNISH
Albanian Translations↔ Slovenian
Albanian Translations ↔ Croatian
Albanian Translations ↔ Bosnian
Albanian Translations↔ Serbian
Albanian Translations ↔ Bulgarian
Albanian Translations↔ Malaises
Albanian Translations ↔ Macedonian
Albanian Translations ↔ Bulgarian
Albanian Translations ↔Greek
Albanian Translations ↔ Arabic
Albanian Translations↔ Arabic
Albanian Translations ↔ Persian
Albanian Translations↔ Roma
Albanian Translations↔ Korean
Albanian Translations ↔ Chinese
Albanian Translations ↔Japanese
English Translations ↔ German
English Translations ↔ Italian
English Translations ↔ French
English Translations ↔ Serbian
English Translations ↔ Turkish
German Translations↔ Serbian
German Translations ↔ Italian
German Translations↔ French
Italian Translations↔ Spanish
Italian Translations ↔ Portuguese
Portuguese translations ↔ Serbian
Spanish translations ↔ Serbian
Polish translations↔ Russian
Polish Translations ↔ Serbian
Russian translations ↔ Serbian
Slovak translations↔ Albanian
Slovak translations ↔ Czech
Danish translations ↔ Albanian
Turkish Translations↔ Serbian
Arabic Translations ↔ English
Macedonian translations ↔ Serbian
Macedonian translations ↔Croation

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