Do you want to test your knowledge of the German language and win the amount of €250?
Then #Sira #Academy has created a test model in the four language competencies. ✅Lesen ✅Horen ✅Schreiben ✅Sprechen

Rules of participation in the Tournament

  1. Participants must have knowledge of the German language 2. Participants can be of any age, country and school 3. Participants must personally come to the office to answer some of our questions and complete the registration. from Monday – Friday from 09h – at 20h.__

In the test, phones or other devices that have access to the Internet will not be allowed, there will be no copying and no injustice, everyone will get the points they deserve by seeing their mistakes. The Sprechen part will be 2 out of 2 and the committee will be 3 Professors from the school.

✅Participation in the Tournament costs €20. ✅Payments must be made at the school or bank account.
The winners will receive these rewards ?✏
First place €250, second place €150, third place €100

Verben mit sein und haben

All other participants will be rewarded with a dictionary at the end. All participants must have the letter notification and protective measures with them to enter the TOURNAMENT.

☎️+383 44 488 160☎️+383 49 814 738

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