Chemistry courses at Sira Academy

In this course you will find explanatory videos of the main concepts in the subject of chemistry.

This course is designed to provide knowledge related to the subject of chemistry in a physical and virtual explanatory form, thus demonstrating the various experiments that can be carried out in the subject of chemistry. The concepts covered in this course are:

Metals and Non-Metals
Alcaline metals
Types of Chemical Reactions
Acids and Bases
Chemical Equations
Naming of Oxides
Molar Mass
Covalent and Ionic Bonding
Naming salts and acids

Révision du Bac : révisez votre chimie en quiz

Chemistry courses are for junior and senior high school students, in groups and individually. For graduates who want to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine. As well as for students of the Faculty of Agriculture; general, inorganic and organic chemistry.
Groups for nx. to go primary and secondary in secondary schools will start soon.

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Prof-Leutrim Kika.

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