Swedish language at Sira Academy

You want to learn Swedish Online at our school, which subject we teach online from Sweden.

Bashkim Camaj is a teacher at our school who teaches Swedish online from Sweden. At the age of 1, he migrated with his family to Sweden, where he was raised and educated. His father was an excellent geographer but also a teacher of the Albanian language in the Scandinavian countries, this made Bashkimi eloquent and in the Albanian language, speaking it in the most beautiful way.

The professor of the subject has great experience in lecturing, lecturing at the ABC Kraft school various language lessons for foreigners, he is also competent in theoretical and practical lecturing.. Now he has moved to a Swedish state position working as an inspector of traffic in Sweden.

We are pleased that Professor Bashkimi is part of the Sira team to give his indelible work.

Sweden – Thinking Beyond Borders - KPMG Global

Therefore, if you want to take the Swedish language course online, do not hesitate to contact us, we will make sure that we set the most convenient schedule for you and give you the best lesson.

Learn Swedish with the unique long-term memory method (2020)

The price of a complete level is 350 euros.

: Nya Mal – Svenska som andrasprak

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