Training in SPSS

Registrations for the next SPSS training have begun.

SPSS Software - 2020 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

SPSS training is dedicated to you:
– Research students mainly at the master’s and doctoral leve

Candidates who are engaged in scientific research and other research related to SPSS
– Public administration officials,
– All those who wish to use SPSS to practically apply statistics in their career

Among other things, modules such as:

• Compilation of surveys & interviews
• Data entry in Excel and SPSS
• Adjusting the parameters of variables and attributes in SPSS
• Research methodology
• How to choose the right research method?
• Descriptive analyses
• T-test (all forms)
• Anova & Manova (all forms)
• Correlation (all forms)
• Regression (all forms)
• Reliability test
• Description of the results

How to Use SPSS

The training is held with a trainer with long experience in this field.
The number is limited, please reserve your place!


6 week training
Price 70 (€)

Starts in 1July

Prof : Ramë Hajraj

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