Java Fundamentals course

Do you want to become a Java Developer?

Sira Academy offers you Java Programming with practical methods to develop this programming language which is dominant in the development and coding market.

During this course candidates will understand the basic JAVA programming syntax, JAVA architecture, use of JAVA coding tools, use of Java methods, data types and operators, statements to control execution flow, also will learn the basic concepts of object-oriented programming.

The curriculum

Introduction to Java
The meaning and history of the JAVA programming language
Architecture of the JAVA programming language
Creating the first Java application
Introduction to JAVA-programs
Infrastructure preparation for JAVA-tools installation
Structure of a JAVA program – a simple application
Syntax, commenting, compiling and executing the program
Explanation of the main program
Java keywords and expressions
Assertions and code organization in Java
Methods in Java
Data types
Variables, types, their declaration and initialization
Arrays, types, their declaration and initialization
Strings, their declaration and initialization
Operators in JAVA
Types of operators, their forms and way of presentation
Arithmetic operators
Logical operators
Rational (comparison) operators
String manipulation
Manipulating operators and their precedence during execution
Flow of execution, conditional statements
Return command
The if-else statement
Switch command
while command
Order for
Break command
Continue command
Introduction to object oriented programming
Concepts and Syntax

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